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Claire’s Oasis rises in an historic mansion dating back to the early 19th century.
Originally used as a wine cellar, it later became the residence of Claire Bautier, niece of the industrialist Ernest Solvay famous for his soda, and, from 1931, wife of a descendant of the Cirilli Farrusi family, the current owners of the estate.
In 1991, the mansion was accurately restored while remaining faithful to its original architecture, furnished with understated elegance and used as a reception hall, meeting room, congress centre and perfect location for any occasion under the historical name and brand of Torre Quarto, expertly managed by the Cirillo Farrusi family.
Today Torre Quarto, building on the professionalism and excellence acquired over the years, has a new face that is constantly evolving in step with new wedding trends. The romantic name Claire’s Oasis evokes a new feminine attitude, transforming it into one of the most exclusive places to organize unique events and parties. The mansion offers its guests three spacious halls of different sizes and styles, two lakes, a large swimming pool, a fountain and several outdoor locations surrounded by an evocative centuries-old park with thousands of rare plants.


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/Angelo Garini

Angelo Garini, architect and events planner for many years, has realized several projects in different fields such as architecture, interior design, weddings and special events. His versatile creativity unites with everything concerning the art of hospitality and personalization of living space, realizing daily projects for a special event, a life project or a house for entertaining guests.

He guides his clients step by step in order to “make one’s life a masterpiece”. He has developed his love for art and hospitality and turned it into a profession, drawing on his family history and what he learnt attending meetings and receptions organized by his grandparents in their family house on the lake Maggiore. Over the years he has become a worldwide leader of elite weddings, realizing unique events by uniting spectacular backdrops and floral decorations with skilful plays on light, enhancing the atmosphere with the selection of a perfect soundtrack.

The collaboration with a prestigious historical place such as Claire’s Oasis is a perfect marriage between a romantic setting and who will be able to direct the performance of a perfect wedding, with the same attention to detail as an exclusive premier.




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Chef biscegliese si sposa “in diretta” Rai

Non solo i flash di parenti, amici e quelli rituali del fotografo. Tra le telecamere del matrimonio che si è svolto venerdì 13 giugno a Bisceglie, c’erano anche quelle della Rai. Lo staff de “La vita in diretta – Estate”, guidato dalle giornaliste Barbara di Palma e Camilla Nata ha voluto seguire tutti, ma proprio […]

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Matrimonio alla biscegliese a “La vita in diretta estate”

Le città pugliesi di Bisceglie e Cerignola sono state le cornici del matrimonio di due ragazzi biscegliesi, svoltosi interamente sotto le telecamere de “La vita in diretta estate” di Raiuno. La puntata andrà in onda il prossimo martedì 17 giugno alle 16:45 su Raiuno. Lo staff de “La vita in diretta estate”, guidato dalle giornaliste […]

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L’Oasi di Claire alla Rai

Le telecamere Rai hanno seguito il matrimonio dello chef Sergio Frizzale e della sua sposa Mariagrazia Occhionigro. Le città pugliesi di Bisceglie e Cerignola sono state le cornici del matrimonio di due ragazzi biscegliesi, svoltosi interamente sotto le telecamere de “La vita in diretta estate” di Raiuno. La puntata andrà in onda il prossimo martedì […]

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Party e Vernissage

Claire’s Oasis is not only the perfect venue for the wedding of your dreams but also for birthday parties, graduations, banquets, cocktails, baptisms, communions, anniversaries and various events such as previews of exhibitions

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The play of lights, the candles and the exquisite location make the Claire’s Oasis the perfect place to dance and to take the wedding of your dreams.

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